Leadership Coaching

ProMelior employs a proprietary 4-Step Coaching Journey to help clients grow as leaders and achieve sustainable success.

We deliver our coaching 1:1 or in small groups and are flexible to work in person or by video conference.

Our coaching methods can be applied to enhance individual effectiveness as well as team performance.

Self-awareness is the foundation for any personal development journey. ProMelior uses psychometric tests, 360 degree Feedback surveys, and Lifeline© Exercise provide a rich data set that clients can use to enhance their self-awareness.

Once the client has internalized the key insights about him/herself, a road-map is developed to achieve personal and professional goals. The road-map will leverage strengths but also encourage improvements in areas of development.

Breaking-through performance barriers is an important part of development. ProMelior supports the client to face real-life personal and professional situations with new skills that are honed during coaching sessions.

Armed with new tools, the client designs new solutions to enhance performance while maintaining work-life balance and well-being. This integrated approach is essential to sustainable success.

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