Strategic Alignment of Leadership Teams


In the course of driving a growth program for a family-owned European industrial manufacturer, it quickly became clear that the dysfunctional leadership team was a bottleneck to progress. Although the team was composed of capable individuals with impressive track records, the ten team members were unable to agree on a coherent strategy and continued to

The Executive Team Coaching & Development Program


The Middle-Eastern unit of global energy company was facing a challenging period due to a slump in the business cycle combined with frictions in its Leadership Team. As the Middle East business had grown, the Leadership Team had expanded to reflect the broader set of service lines and increased levels of functional support. Most of

Leading Change: A CEO’s Transformation


A founder faces a unique set of challenges as he transitions from a selling a prototype to a few innovative clients to selling a standardized product to the mass market. The expectations on product quality, service responsiveness, compliance, supply chain and sales all increase by a quantum leap. Managing the exponential increase in complexity is

Professional Readiness for a Business School Cohort


A leading business school in Dubai approached ProMelior to run a series of workshops and 1:1 sessions to prepare students for job interviews as they approached the end of their MBA program. Many of the students aspired to careers in management consulting, investment banking, investment management and other professional/ financial services. However, many of the