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Eight Essentials of Effective Leadership

The stories you tell are the stories that define you.  As you travel through you career to create the well-paved road from individual contribution to team leader and finally to the leadership role that you covet, you learn to tell stories through your actions.  Actions those are synonymous with leading by example.  But largely, it is these stories that

Do Certifications Matter? Should You Get Them And When…

“Do certifications matter?”.  I do get a chance to talk to a whole bunch of people and ask them about their thoughts and opinions on why they do seem to go ahead and get a certification and does it really add value to their resume…does it truly add that extra impetus to their existing set of skills.


Mirror Mirror On The Wall….

Early in my career at a top Management Consulting Firm in New York my Senior Manager had asked me a question…”what is your brand, Priyanka”….that question had left me stumped! a) I had no idea what he was talking about; b) I always thought that when you do good work you get noticed for your

The Art of Story Telling – What Makes The Interviewer Sit Up and Listen To YOU!

Traveling back in time, the art of storytelling began with oral narratives told from generation to generation. And as with the passing of time, the oral narratives evolved further to accommodate wall carvings, pictures, tools and other memorabilia.  With the invention of paper and script, the process of storytelling eventually was transferred to manuals, writs and books.

Are you a ‘Work-Junkie’?

Are you constantly in “work” mode? As in, you are beyond excited about the work that you do (which is not necessarily a bad thing), so much so that you have blurred the other aspects of your life only with your professional commitments.  If you are reading this and feel that you are that person who