Are you constantly in “work” mode? As in, you are beyond excited about the work that you do (which is not necessarily a bad thing), so much so that you have blurred the other aspects of your life only with your professional commitments.  If you are reading this and feel that you are that person who is always thinking about work and do not have an “off-switch”; that you are always pre-occupied with work-related matters and is slowly watching the other important elements of your life slip by because you justify and identify with that one phrase, “I’m terribly busy at work…..”.  Then dear reader, you have just described yourself in addictive terms as a “Work Junkie”!

I often meet clients who complain that they have no time for anything else beyond their regulated work-life.  Many eventually end up neglecting in some fashion or the other their family, personal time and/or personal health and seek refuge in the “I’m too busy at work” or “I’m just focusing on my career right now” mode.
Well then, my question to you is, if you are comfortable in your present status quo of what you are doing right now then why do you feel that you are missing out on the other facets of life.  The million dollar question would be then, is  “How do I balance my work and my life and reach a balanced state of mind that leaves me happy and satisfied”.

Recently, I was working with a client who is a Senior Manager in a top Management Consulting firm in the region and he wanted to focus on how he could balance his work, which he enjoys tremendously; his want to make Partner; and of course, have a social life where he could meet with a significant other. My first thought at providing advisory to my clients is to ensure that they understand the meaning of balance and the fact that it differs from individual to individual.  We are unique in our own way and what works for others might not work for us.  With that in mind, achieving work-life balance is a deeply personal journey and it should be created to custom-fit one’s life and one’s objectives they would like to accomplish and also must have the ability to self-manage their personal and professional time effectively.  And last but not least, once a plan that is created that you like and agree with, it is extremely important that you stick to it.

Hence, one of the practical suggestions to my client was a question on his hours spent on the internet/computer doing non-work activities like facebook, twitter etc.  He was alarmed as he realized that he spent approximately 2-3 hours a day doing just that!  So, then it’s time to claim that time back for yourself versus finding out scoops about other’s people’s lives.  Thus, get off your social media networks or switch off the television for a change and schedule a date with yourself once a day every week to maintain your personal health – whether it is yoga, joining a gym or simply going running.  Ensure that you eat healthy while on the road and have a ‘date night’ once a week with your significant other.  You will notice that your life seems more enriched and you feel rejuvenated.  It also serves as a break from monotony and there is always something to look forward to during the day apart from work – not to say that date nights are big hit on the brownie points scale!

Let me know how it goes if you happen to try the ‘calendar schedule’ format for yourself.  And as always, feel free to email me if you have specific questions.  Till next time…ciao!